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Cotton Bledsoe’s health care law practice focuses on providing risk management advice and early intervention legal services to protect our health care industry clients from costly administrative proceedings and civil litigation. But sometimes litigation may be unavoidable.

When our clients who are physicians, nurses, hospitals or other health care organizations need zealous representation in an administrative proceeding or full-fledged civil litigation, we are proud to provide skillful advocacy to protect their interests.

Professional Liability Defense

Cotton Bledsoe, located in Midland, Texas, has a recognized record of success defending medical professionals and health care organizations against professional liability and medical malpractice actions. Our lawyers are equipped to handle all kinds of professional liability claims that arise in the health care industry — from defending individual doctors and nurses against medical malpractice and medical negligence claims, to representing hospitals or nursing homes when they are named in administrative complaints or civil lawsuits alleging negligent patient care.

Our attorneys have enjoyed success using the Texas Tort Claims Act to protect hospitals facing charges of negligence or malpractice. We are also frequently called upon to serve as independent counsel for physicians who have assigned counsel from their malpractice insurance carrier but seek advocates to monitor the litigation with the physician’s individual interests in mind.

False Claims Act Defense and Qui Tam Actions

Our health care law attorneys have also developed an active and successful practice handling qui tam actions and False Claims Act lawsuits. We have successfully defended several such lawsuits and have created some positive legal precedent for the health care industry by pursuing one specific case to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Other Areas of Health Care Litigation

In addition to defending professional liability actions and False Claims Act lawsuits, our health care law attorneys are available to serve physicians and hospitals in other types of litigation, including:

  • Disciplinary actions before professional licensing boards, such as the Texas Medical Association and the Texas Board of Nursing
  • Defense of employment law claims against physicians’ groups, practice groups and hospitals
  • Anti-trust lawsuits, Stark Law complaints and other anti-kickback claims
  • Partnership disputes

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Professionals facing misconduct charges can be reprimanded privately or publicly, fined, or can lose their licenses for a short period of time or permanently. At the very least, this can result in an inconvenience – at worst, a loss of livelihood. During these times, our professional clients rely on us to achieve positive results for them. They rely on our skill and experience to help them cope with the allegations against them and to have the charges disproved or the damages mitigated. If you are facing a similar situation, contact our office to discuss your case.