Texas Labor and Employment Law Attorneys

When employees cease being assets and become liabilities, employers need sound legal advice to help resolve their problems.

At Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C., our labor and employment law attorneys pride themselves on helping our clients address employment issues before they become problems. We also recognize that no matter how carefully we advise our clients, and no matter how well-constructed an employee relations system is, we cannot always fully protect our clients from litigation. Accordingly, we have a team of experienced litigation attorneys available to provide vigorous representation in any of the myriad forms of employment litigation that can arise.

Litigation to Resolve Employment Law Disputes

We have experience in defending employers and bringing claims on their behalf under any of the major labor and employment laws:

  • sexual harassment or gender discrimination (Title VII)
  • age discrimination (Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA)
  • disability discrimination (Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA)
  • whistleblower lawsuits
  • discriminatory layoffs (under Title VII, the ADEA, or the Older Workers’ Benefit Protection Act, or OWBPA)
  • overtime violations (Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA)
  • theft of trade secrets
  • breach of contract
  • breach of non-complete agreement

We also have experience advising employers on the impact of laws and regulatory schemes such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other regulatory schemes affecting employers.

We are frequently called upon by our employer clients to draft employment contracts (with non-compete agreements), investigate claims of harassment, respond to EEOC charges of discrimination, and litigate state federal employment lawsuits.

Early Intervention to Avoid Employment Litigation

To avoid problems before they arise, our lawyers counsel employers on a wide range of matters relating to labor and employment law, including anti-discrimination policies, employee counseling and internal dispute resolution, development of employee handbooks and workplace rules, and the establishment of drug and alcohol policies. We also help clients develop training protocols for labor and employment law topics such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

We strive to make our clients feel confident in the outcome of their labor and employment law matters. Contact our law firm for assistance with your labor and employment law issue or case.