Defense of Toxic Tort Claims in Texas

A special area of focus for the firm’s personal injury defense practice is the defense of so-called toxic torts lawsuits. We have successfully defended thousands of toxic torts lawsuits throughout Texas, Mississippi, California, Florida and the rest of the country – representing owners and operators of refineries and pipelines, manufacturers, retailers, and employers involved in asbestosis and silicosis litigation, hydrogen sulfide, Benzene, refinery emissions, and the insurance companies that cover such parties.

Successful defense of toxic torts lawsuits requires the proven ability to manage a case that may involve hundreds or thousands of claimants, complex and conflicting medical testimony, historical timelines reaching decades into the past – not to mention potential financial exposure in excess of a billion dollars.

At Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C., our toxic torts defense attorneys are proud to offer that high level of experience to corporations in Houston, Dallas, El Paso – or anywhere in the nation – in search of a law firm to manage the defense of one of more toxic torts lawsuits.

Our firm’s defense attorneys were part of the infamous series of toxic torts lawsuits known as MDL 1553 – a multi-district federal lawsuit involving more than 15,000 individual claims of silicosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis in which the defense was ultimately successful.

Corporations seeking preliminary advice regarding possible future toxic tort claims, as well as companies already in the midst of toxic tort litigation, are invited to contact our office for a consultation with one of our experienced toxic torts defense lawyers.