Defense of Product Liability Claims in Texas

Product liability lawsuits arise when a consumer or a group of consumers allege that an industrial or consumer product was designed or manufactured defectively – in such a way as to cause avoidable injury to users. A plaintiff may also claim in a dangerous products lawsuit that a company failed to provide sufficient warnings to users about potential dangers, and that the lack of sufficient warnings led to avoidable injury.

Product liability lawsuits can expose corporate defendants to potential financial losses in the millions of dollars. They are often complex cases to defend – requiring in-depth analysis by engineers or other manufacturing or design experts as well as analysis of injury reports and medical records by medical experts.

Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C., has a highly successful product liability defense practice, and has successfully defended over 17,000 product liability lawsuits – in Texas and nationwide.

Our law firm’s product liability defense practice handles the defense of both industrial and consumer product liability cases, including:

  • Toxic torts
  • Food safety and food adulteration
  • Medical products and pharmaceuticals
  • Cranes, lift axles, electric doors and oilfield equipment

In addition, we provide consulting and risk management services to corporations to improve their product warnings and instructions, working with experts to prevent product liability lawsuits from arising to interrupt the flow of business.

For more information or to consult with one of our product liability defense lawyers, contact our office to schedule an appointment.